Monday, November 22, 2010

21 Weeks

21 weeks...the baby is kicking like mad. The past few days especially sometimes it'll kick so hard that I kinda jump up myself. I went to the doctor the other week (which was a different dr than I usually see) and they were moving the doppler all over my belly trying to find the heartbeat. The Dr was like "Whoa! Do you feel all that movement? My gosh, that's an active baby!" It seems to really like music too as it is more active when louder music is playing.
J set up the crib and the dresser the other weekend and it looks so good! I have already started organizing the room and putting clothes away in the drawers by size. We got the crib skirt, mattress pad, mattress and a crib sheet as well so it is coming along nicely. Don't really have a "theme". We just have certain colors we are using (sage green, light blue, cream, tan & brown) and are using stripes and polka dots. Also found a glider we liked that is a chocolate corduroy.
Also finished registering at Babies R Us and Target over the weekend. We pretty much changed all of our baby gear (stroller, pack n play, high chair) after we read Consumer Reports ratings and reviews. I usually let J decide on the color of things and I think he's done a great job!
Trying to get everything done now while I feel pretty good. Oh yeah, and J says I look huge! Little does he know I'll only get bigger :)

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


We had our ultrasound yesterday and that is so cool! We made sure to tell the tech that we didn't want to know the sex so she didn't even look for it. The baby kept flipping around and changing positions. I was not surprised cause it's daddy can't sit still either! It just made is so much more real, at least to me.

I normally do not like it when people post ultrasound photos, but I thought this one was funny. It's like the baby has heard me asking if it's in there, so it's going "Hey Mom, I'm here!" Or it's going "Eyy!" like Fonzie or Rocky.