Thursday, September 30, 2010

Daycare already?

13 weeks...and I guess I expected to magically wake up on Monday and the m/s to be gone. Boy was I wrong. If anything it has been worse this week. Monday J and I had an appt at a daycare to tour the facilities. Well right before I was to leave, I threw up my lunch...called J to see if he could go alone but he was running late. So I show up looking like crap and midway through the tour I start to feel really faint, so I ran to the car, put my feet up, and put the a/c on blast while slowing eating some cheerios, leaving J to fend for himself. It was not a good day. However, the daycare was pristinely clean and very professional. Doesn't hurt either that most of the staff are from the Big Ten either. It was the most expensive daycare and doesn't have an opening until July, which would cause me to take a whole month of maternity leave unpaid.
Today I toured 2 other daycares (J was too busy at work). One place was country, and if you know me, you know that is not my scene. The other place was better and very laid back. I got a good feeling from it and it is not as expensive as the one from Monday, but it also was not so detailed and professional. We're going to sit down and decide tonight.
Who knew we even had to think of this so early? With our wedding, I was so organized with a budget and a timeline of when things had to get done, and had the same amount of time to plan- 9 mths. With this baby, I feel so disorganized and so unaware of everything we need to do and buy. I have read the baby books but maybe they haven't sunk in and I have yet to find a timeline. I am going to do some research and get myself organized...

Friday, September 24, 2010


Ok, Ok, so I talked to my friend last night (also preggers) who, at one point, was throwing up 9 times a day. So I admit, I'm a total B for complaining about some nausea yesterday. Though karma did come back to bite me today as I was bowing down to the porcelain throne this morning.
However, I reserve the right to drop kick any girl that has the nerve to brag that they've "never had morning sickness." Not just for me, but most importantly, for my friend too.
On a brighter note, I received a package from MSU today with the cap I bought to bring the baby home in. Also bought a onesie that says "Future Tailgater" on it to match, but didn't realize that the only size they had was 6 mo. Oh well, I'll still keep it for when the baby gets bigger. Pictures to come, once I figure out how to do them.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

All day sickness

PLEASE can the m/s go away?
First of all, why do they call it morning sickness anyways? For me, the nausea lasts all day and all night. J got home at midnight last night & I had gone to bed at 8, but I was up anyways because my tummy was continuously growling.
Second of all, WHY DIDN'T ANYONE WARN ME??? I mean of all the women in my life, someone should have sat me down and said, this is the deal...when you get pregnant for the first 2 weeks or so it is glorious, then the sickness, exhaustion, constant peeing, gas, bloating, etc will set in and you will feel like crap 24/7. Everyone will ask you if you are excited, but it will be hard to put a smile on your face, so leave the excitement up to the hubby for awhile. So friends that have not had kids yet, here you go and if you want it straight, feel free to ask me. Though I guess some people may choose to be oblivious which is not a bad thought, but not for me.
And the worst part for me, is the constantly STUFFING MY FACE. Nothing sounds good, then my stomach growls as if the baby is saying "Feed Me Now!" and so I sit and think for a good few minutes about what I can put down my throat. It's like "The Night Before Christmas" with the kids dreaming about all their goodies, only in my head it is a slot machine and I always land on the item that makes me want to puke. I have to pull the arm time and time again until I find something that vaguely sounds appetizing. And even then it is a toss up whether or not the smell of it will make me nauseous. I am so tired of food! Hopefully it will be gone soon, though I have the feeling I will be one of those lucky few that has it the whole time.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Ahhh...oh, excuse me. I HAD to unbutton my pants.
I freaked out the other night because J said that I was starting to show...AT 12 WEEKS!!! Well, I don't know if I'm showing already, but I am thinking it is just bloat. However, more this week than any other week am I noticing my waist thickening and my work pants & jeans are just not cutting it.
Gap and ON are having a sale right now on baby clothes and maternity clothes. Even though it is a little early for maternity clothes (and my original thought was to wear regular clothes as long as possible), it is a SALE people!  I decided that it is ridiculous to be so uncomfortable so I swung by to see what Gap had. As soon as I put on the panel dress pants...MAGIC!!! Of course I have to get them hemmed (story of my life) but I am so excited to start wearing them. Who knew one could get so excited about maternity pants??
After I made a beeline for the maternity pants, I decided to check out the sale on baby clothes. However, it was as frustrating as usual because it seems no one makes neutral clothing anymore...are we the only ones left that don't want to find out the sex??...but that's for another day...