Sunday, January 30, 2011

31 weeks

We are in the home stretch now! Started our childbirth classes which are great. Our 3D/4D ultrasound did not go so well because the baby kept putting its fists in front of its face so we couldn't get a good picture. We are going to try again this week and the tech told me to eat something sweet before we go so that the baby is more active- no problem with that!
I HAVE NOT gotten the nursery done, which was my goal for the end of the month. We did order a glider but it is supposed to take 10-12 weeks to arrive- cutting it close! The treadmill is still in there but am hoping to get rid of it next weekend. Oddly enough, the biggest hangup has been the window treatments. I can't find anything that matches the crib skirt. I didn't want to buy one of those bedding sets because they all include a bumper and a comforter- why this is so I don't know since every book you read says NOT to use a bumper or a comforter in a crib. I just can't see buying a whole set and not using half of it.
I am getting nervous because we only have 2 months until the due date and have so much yet to do. And what if the baby comes early?! Oh lord, that's on my mind all the time! I have even started slowly packing my overnight bag as I purchase things- so far have a coming home outfit and a nursing/sleepwear set packed. I WILL BE PREPARED!!!
J is so funny- he has been playing music to the baby before we go to sleep. He'll choose a song and then set the ipod right on top of my belly. So far, the baby has been introduced to Dave Matthews Band (J's favorite) and Bob Marley (my favorite). Baby likes both and kicks up a storm!
This past week has been really interesting as more strangers have commented on my belly. I guess I must be at that stage where people can really tell I'm preggo and are willing to comment without fear that I'm just fat. We were at the mall yesterday, and I glanced over at a window and saw a very pregnant lady. And then I thought, oh wait that's me! And today at the grocery store, the bagger asked how long I have. I was thinking- how long to what? Then I remembered, oh yeah I'm pregnant. It is so weird! However, I am reminded every morning of my belly when I try to put on my socks and shoes. My co-workers suggested that I get one of those shoe horns with the 3 foot extenders- haha! And don't even get me started on shaving- that is exhausting!
Here is a bump pic taken at 29 weeks...a couple of weeks old but I don't think I've gotten much bigger since then.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

3 months to go!

Monday was the official start of my 3rd trimester and yesterday was 3 months exactly until my due date! I really cannot believe how fast it has gone. I'm feeling pretty good, just tired. This week I have my glucose test which I am nervous about because of my family history of diabetes. Then in 2 weeks we have our 3D/4D ultrasound which I am really excited about. We also start our childbirth classes this month. I am supposed to take a breastfeeding class this Saturday but am going to try to push it off since we still have some time and I don't want to forget everything.
We haven't finished the nursery yet, but it is my goal to finish it by the end of this month. We can't get rid of the treadmill that is in there, and can't decide on a glider. I didn't want the traditional glider initially; I just wanted a regular chair that glides so that it could be used in other parts of the house as well. However, we cannot agree on a style and the one we liked was too expensive, so I think we're just going to end up with a  regular glider. At this point, just as long as it is comfortable I am happy.
I did start to write in the baby book. Just things like the family tree and when we found out we were pregnant, etc.
Here is a picture from Christmas Eve when J dragged me to Midnight Mass (I thought I was gonna curl up in the pew and fall asleep haha). Not that great of a picture of me but it shows my bump pretty good. J looks handsome as ever.