Monday, March 28, 2011


Here is the last maternity pic. I look huge!
Also, here are pics of the nursery.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

FULL TERM! 37 weeks!!!

I can't believe we did it. This kid is fully cooked and ready to go any day now!  Baby is still breech; we have an ultrasound tomorrow to see if it has flipped or not. I'm not too worried about it cause a) there's still time for it to flip and b) it has to come out one way or another! It's just being stubborn like its Daddy.

Here are the maternity pics I promised. Just some of our favs.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

36 weeks

We had our shower this past weekend and it was wonderful. Great company, great food, great Skypers, and great gifts! I do believe we are all set for this kid to make its presence! Treadmill is finally out, glider is finally in. Mom and Jack stayed an extra day to help us organize the nursery so it is really looking good. Just have to do a little more washing, pack a diaper bag, choose a pediatrician and then I think we're all good.
I cannot believe how big my belly has gotten, and cannot believe it could get any bigger. Getting nervous as numerous people have commented about how much it sticks out- saying it could be twins or it's gonna be a big baby. And can I say that strangers have been the nicest to me throughout this whole pregnancy. I'll get stopped all the time by people with kind words and advise. People open doors for me and help me with things. If only strangers treated people this way all the time how our world would be different!
I think the dog knows that something is up too. He has not left my side for about a week now. He never used to be so attached to me so it is really interesting. I love it though as it is strangely very comforting. Almost like he is protecting me.
I know I owe some maternity photos so I will put those up soon. Now to bed. Have a cold or allergies or something that will just not go away. xoxo